There is always something special about the sand and winds that draw our attention the most. Fortunately, we received an opportunity to take a five-day trip to Arizona to have a pre-wedding photo session and absorb every beautiful inch of this southwestern state. Until now, those sceneries still present vividly when sun lights lying on layers of rock and Colorado River curling over Grand Canyon. At that specific moment, a thought popped up in our heads: “The mountains are calling and we will definitely have one of the most marvelous time shooting here!”. 
As all married couples already know, the stages from completing the marriage procedure to the wedding day and then enjoying the honeymoon will never be easy to go through. Therefore, we consider the pre-wedding album as the gift of appreciation for the time couples have spent together. And there comes our Arizona album featured by Thuy Giang – the soon-to-be bride and Minh Anh – the husband. Arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport at eleven in the evening, we drove in the dark for two hours until reaching Flagstaff. Obviously it was not a long journey but the melody of  star-filled sky, mountains and lightly blowing pine trees sang us to bed right away.

In the next morning, all of our staff woke up early to get ready for a big day ahead. Cameras, battery, wedding materials, fuel, etc. After making sure needed elements had been packed, accompanied by our couple, we arrived at Grand Canyon National Park and spent a whole day here on exploiting the canyon’s overwhelming charm to its limit. The color of white from the bride’s wedding dress, black from the groom’s gilet and red from thousands of layered bands of rock, they all blended so well together. We have to admit that the whole photo session was lit up by the playfulness atmosphere created by Minh Anh and her husband. As you can see from our uploaded images, they were so connected like a soulmate relationship that they considered each other as friends. The way they hugged, kissed and dressed gave us a chill, hip hop and youthful vibe. That feeling, however, did not mean they were too young and inexperienced in lovelife. Love has no age limit, being old does not always promise a great connection and being young does not indicate that they are not ready for a commitment. Therefore, we might be still on our way to the maturity but we can grow together!
Here comes a funny story about one of our photographers. During these current trips, lots of medicines could not stop him from suffering a heavy cold. Unfortunately, at that night, on our driving to Page for a nice sleep, he had hiccuped for over four hours straight. It was so amusing to hear his hilarious sound that the car was filled with chuckles.

Next destination was a heaven sent place with strange shapes and forms of rocky walls. Lower Antelope was well-known for its various beautiful angles when combined with the sun lights. Thanks to this wedding adventure, we finally had a chance to witness it. At different points of day time, the sun moved and brought us tons of diverse ranges of brightness. This, for sure, had been all what a video or photographer craved for. On the same day, we even reached Horseshoe Bend and Monument Valley at 4 p.m. for new background views. Unbearably hot but we enjoyed the newly wed couple so far because the energies and high spirit they pervaded encouraged us to do our best. 

Wistfully the last day of our journey came but that did not mean our working excitement had come to an end. On the road leading to the airport, we accidentally discovered some nicely shaped cacti on the left side. It was irresistible for videographers to catch such a potential scenery. Immediately, we stopped, started a mini photoshoot there and then headed to the airport again. As arrived, the groom’s passport was no where to be found, which made our faces turn to purple because the flight time was coming close. Raced fast to the cacti, we found his thing but at the same time received a ticket from the police for driving 90 miles per hour. What a nice way to start a day!
This short trip has been by far not only our most energetic but also marvelous experience, as predicted from the start. We hope that at anytime, even when the couple is young or old and grey, each image is still able to bring them back to Colorado River flowing peacefully under the blue sky above.