Destination Wedding Cinematographer & Photographer
Love is the most sacred thing in the world and the wedding is a milestone to prove it. It will be previous insomnia days of the bride and groom. It is the day when the bride wears a pure white dress with the brightest smile and becomes the most beautiful woman. The day the groom was equally touched when holding the hand of the person he loved walked down the isle to say the vows. Understanding these things, Vivi Studios is committed to keeping those wonderful moments, giving customers an unforgettable experience and satisfaction with our services.

Thinh & Nhu

Vinny & Ella

Hung & Cece

Thanh & Ngoc

Phuoc & Nguyet

2020 Reel

Brian & Tiffany

Timothy & Tien

Minh Anh & Thuy Giang

Khanh & Kristy

Erik & Jennifer

Steven & Mai Vy

Dzung & Zaw

Quang & Jennifer 

Van & Qui

Minh & Thanh



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