Johnny ‘s story
Have you ever really thought about your passion? And … Are you brave enough to pursue your passion?
I am Johnny. When I was a young boy, I never thought I would do the work like I do today – a cinematographer. I enjoy taking videos, capturing moments of life around, taking photos of my family, my friend, lands that I left my footsteps. However, those things just stop at my hobbies. 
In the second year of University, I attended a short film making competition and got the second prize. I was awarded a scholarship by FPT Arena and I chose to learn filmmaking here. This is the first premise for me to step into the path of professional filmmaking. Besides, I continued to study at my university, University of Economics HCMC, and later moved to the United States.
In the United States, I continued to study for an MBA in Marketing. The marketing knowledge I learned helped me a lot in building the Vivistudios brand.. However, it sounds funny, right? Because it has nothing relate to my passion. Hmm …My passion is still there, I still make travel videos, shoot drones, learn more from filmmakers on Youtube. I always believe that there is something called “predestination”  exists in this world. Perhaps it was predestined that took me from a peaceful S-shaped land to the United States – my second home where I realized I can make my dream come true. A friend of mine asked me to film his wedding, and boommmmm!@!@!, everyone watching was very excited, appreciated, and they encouraged me to join this industry. “Johnny, you’re so talented. If making film is your passion, why don’t you live with it? I am sure that with your talent and enthusiasm, you will soon make a name for yourself in the wedding industry “. My friend’s encouragement made me engage in the work I have been up to now, still not bored: Wedding Filmmaker. That is the reason why “Vivi Studios” was born.
About Vivistudios
Vivi Studios specializes in providing wedding videography & photography services. In the hope of bringing the best experience to our customers, we are ready to do everything just in return for customer satisfaction.We are energetic young people. With the fire of passion burning in our hearts, we are ready to face the challenges we face. We may not feel tired when crossing thousands of miles to get to the shooting destination or not hesitate to climb the rugged mountains to get a beautiful picture.
Creativity – an indispensable element of art lovers. And so are we. We constantly explore and innovate to bring the latest experience to our customers. We are excited about finding new lands. We also love to listen the stories from people we met about their memories, their lives, their love … and try to tell it again with our photos. 
And if you are planning to prepare for your wedding, do not hesitate to contact us via the address:
Thank you and best regards!